UK roll-out for premium Adriatico amarettos made from Italian almonds

Adriatico amaretto
Adriatico Roasted and Adriatico Bianco amarettos

A premium amaretto, Adriatico, made from Italian almonds, is set to be introduced to bars and restaurants around the UK this summer.

Taking its name from the sea next to where the almond trees grow, the brand is available in two expressions: Adriatico Roasted at 28% ABV and Adriatico Bianco at 16% ABV.

Many amarettos such as Disaronno and Luxardo are made from apricot kernels, cherry pits or peach stones, which produce an almond-like taste, but Adriatico is made from actual almonds that have been picked by hand in Puglia.

Adriatico, which was launched globally in 2019, is being marketed as “the only vegan amaretto in the world” as the range is lactose free. It is Vegan Certified and gluten free.

Adriatico is made with an Apulian almond called Filippo Cea that are roasted before being macerated and distilled. The final amaretto is then blended with cinnamon, cocoa and coffee.

Cane sugar is also added but 50% less sugar is used than the traditional amarettos. Finally, a pinch of sea salt from the salt flats next to the Adriatic Sea is added.

Adriatico Roasted Amaretto is recommended for drinking in an Amaretto Sour, or topped up with ginger beer for an Adriatico Mule, or simply served neat over ice.

Adriatico Bianco Amaretto is an alternative to traditional amaretto and is made from crushed white almonds, which are chopped and soaked, resulting in a silky liqueur with notes of vanilla.

It is recommended for the twisted classics of an Adriatico Almond Margarita or as an Adriatico Bianco Sour or served neat over ice with a slice of lemon. With its lower ABV of 16%, it makes for a light aperitivo when served on the rocks.

Marella Batkovic, brand ambassador for Adriatico, said: “The idea for Adriatico originated in the beautiful region of Puglia, where we set out on a mission to encapsulate the landscape, culture and flavours of this wonderful region, including the almond trees which look out over the Adriatic Sea, in a new generation of amarettos.

“It was from here that Adriatico Amaretto was born and I am proud to say that all of the ingredients for our amarettos are sourced locally in Italy.

“We are excited to introduce Adriatico to even more people in the UK. Amaretto is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs and our aim is to offer more people a slice of Puglia through our new-wave range of amarettos.

“We aim to bring amaretto back to the forefront of the aperitivo moment through using natural ingredients and creating exciting recipes to enjoy amaretto in new ways by working with a range of Italian and International bartenders.”

The Adriatico bottle is inspired by Puglia: the colours on the bottle label are reminiscent of the crystal-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, illuminated by the sun.

The hexagonal shape of the bottle is inspired by the architecture of Castel del Monte – a 13th-century citadel and castle on a hill in Andria. The design uses the “golden ratio” – a ratio that appears many times in mathematics, geometry, art and architecture and is considered key to “divine” ergonomics.

The logo has two emblematic symbols of Puglia: the “trullo”, the famous Puglian dry stone hut that resembles an almond, while the vertical lines on the top resemble rays of sunshine.

The amarettos are newly available in Eataly and Harvey Nichols and at leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt at a recommended retail price of £28.99 for 70cl.

Marella Batkovic, brand ambassador for Adriatico amarettos

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