Luxardo to relaunch Aperitivo as part of new push on lighter spritzes

Luxardo Aperitivo new bottle 2020

Leading Italian liqueur producer Luxardo is following the boom in lighter spritz serves with a relaunch of its bitter-sweet Aperitivo.

With a new-look bottle and retro label arriving this month, it will be promoted as part of a trio of Italian classic liqueurs alongside Luxardo Amaretto and Luxardo Limoncello.

The Aperitivo has a delicate herbal bitter-sweet flavour including notes of bitter orange that make it stand out from other typically sweeter styles of Italian bitter aperitivo.

In bars, pubs and restaurants, UK distributor Cellar Trends will promote the trio as ingredients in Mediterranean-style spritzes, with prosecco and soda, which are especially suited to outdoor drinking this summer.

According to research group CGA’s 2020 Mixed Drink Report for the first quarter of 2020, the spritz serve – such as the Aperol Spritz – continues to rise in popularity and is now the seventh biggest mainstream cocktail style, growing by three per cent year on year based on share of serve. CGA also found that one in four serves now feature sparkling wine.

Luxardo’s videos across social media and YouTube will offer expert tips on mixing and presentation by Luxardo global brand ambassador Gareth “G” Franklin.

He will also partner “bartender influencers” to enhance the sociable, entertaining aspects of the new serves and introduce signature ideas from their bars.

Luxardo Aperitivo, at 11% ABV, is an infusion of various herbs, roots and different citrus fruits. It is recommended for serving with equal parts of prosecco and soda, garnished with an orange slice and olive.

Luxardo Amaretto, at 28% ABV, is an authentic-strength amaretto liqueur. It gains its smooth toasty almond flavour with a hint of vanilla from the fragrant essential oils contained in the pits of cherries, peaches and apricots. It is recommended for serving long with lemon juice, lemonade and soda, or as a classic Amaretto Sour with lemon juice and egg white on the rocks.

Luxardo Limoncello, at 27% ABV, is made to the original Luxardo family recipe from 1905. Alcohol is infused with peels, pulp and juice from lemons harvested in southern Italy to give a bright, intensely zesty flavour.

Tina Connolly, senior brand manager for Luxardo at Cellar Trends, said: “This Luxardo trio offers classic Italian flavours and authentic full-strength ABV. The flavours carry through and make them ideal as the base for refreshing spritz-style serves. They are easy to make at home and also by bar staff who are faced with new challenges of serving attentively and responsibly in large alfresco areas and also indoors.

“They can be served simply with popular mixers or with prosecco for a celebration, to welcome a whole new season to be out and about and socialise again. All three – Luxardo Aperitivo, Amaretto and Limoncello – are equally handy for more crafted original cocktail serves too.”

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