Honey adds to buzz around Burning Barn

burning barn honey rum

A new rum liqueur mixed with English honey has been added to the range available from Midlands-based producer Burning Barn Rum.

Using its own blend of Guyanan rums, the UK company has launched Burning Barn Honey & Rum, bottled at 29% ABV. All that has been added to the spirit is English honey sourced from hives on the owners’ farm in Hampton-In-Arden near Solihull as well as another Midlands honey producer.

It complements the first two expressions in Burning Barn’s range: the original Smoked Rum, which is cold-smoked on the farm with wood from its apple trees; and its Spiced Rum, which is made with natural spices roasted by hand on the farm.

The rums are made with molasses in column and pot stills at the Diamond Distillery just outside Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. They are matured in the Caribbean in American oak casks that previously held bourbon. All three rums in the Burning Barn range use the same blend but the new Honey & Rum is aged for only two years compared to the others which are aged for three.

The new Honey & Rum has rich aromas of natural honey, with a smooth honey mouthfeel that lingers without being too sweet. The base rum still shines with a light peppery heat, balanced with the honey to avoid it being overly sweet like other liqueurs.

It is delicious drunk neat or on the rocks but can be mixed with lemonade over ice. It can also be used as a twist on a Mojito with mint, lime and soda water without the need for extra sugar.

At last night’s launch at rum bar Laki Kane in Islington in London, bartender Georgi Radev – one of the bar’s owners – created a tropical spin on the Mojito with Missionary’s Fizz, combining the liqueur with mint leaves, peach slices and its own soda infused with tropical flavours over ice.

Georgi also created two new cocktails for the other two rums in the range. The Smoky Colada mixed Burning Barn Spiced Rum with fresh orange juice, Coco Re’al cream of coconut and gardenia, while the Classic Burn is made with Burning Barn Smoked Rum, Aperol, Martini Rosso vermouth and a squeeze of orange and passion fruit, served straight up.

Burning Barn Rum rose from the ashes of a fire that destroyed the barn on the family farm nearly four years ago. Alongside rebuilding the barn, founders Katherine Jenner and her husband Harry decided to fulfil their dream of moving into the drinks business and, inspired by the barn’s destruction, created Burning Barn Smoked Rum.

The rums are growing distribution in the on- and off-trade in the UK, as well as overseas, after partnering The Last Word Drinks Co, headed by Paul Pavli. Alongside the launch of the new liqueur, Burning Barn has introduced a gift pack of 5cl bottles of each of the three expressions for sale in retail.

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